Nothing is better than this

(While waiting at the airport, so...)

Nothing is better than this:
just waiting at the departure
gate, an hour, no, two
before it’s time to board.
The anticipation is
thrilling, mere hours
till I get to see you.
So it takes more than half
a day and it’s a continent
away. But once we
share the same space,
baby oh baby,
then it’s all worth it.
(See you soon!)

“Goodnight, baby.”

In bed with you

You slip into bed. You pull the covers over your lips coquettishly, only your eyes and fingers visible. They wink at me, even the digits.

I sink into my pillow and I pull yours into my arm. I’m fond of stealing your pillow. I laugh and blow kisses at you. I’m fond of stealing kisses too.

We are in bed together. Almost time for me to sleep. Goodnight, baby, I say. Goodnight, baby, you say. One final kiss and I end our FaceTime session. You will go out to the phone shop to ask the nice Dutch guy to upgrade you to a postpaid plan. Summertime so it’s still bright over there. I turn off the light and dream of you in our bedroom.

Goodnight, baby.

The bed hug

You stretch your arms around me..

Our bed is unmade. You come out of the bathroom. I get up from my chair and fall onto our bed. Come over, I say. A hug, a hug.

For a minute there I think you are going to shake your head and ignore me, me being silly as usual. Instead you come over and let your body fall over mine. Your favourite pillow is between us, cushioning our chests. Your right index finger starts caressing the corner of the pillow; you are so cute when you do that. Your other arm wraps around me. Your weight squashes me but I don’t mind.

You can give me a bed hug any time, any time at all, my dear.