After ten

by Kenny Mah

I like this quiet time that I have with my journal (to write in) and a decent novel (for reading, for sleep inducement). It’s after ten in the evening and I have time to myself. Time for myself. No more office work. No more freelance work. No more work, period.

This is about learning to make space for resting and decompressing. Otherwise the unreleased stress from the day will just build up and fester. It does, even when we are unaware of it (or when we are aware but refuse to admit its existence).

Deciding to switch off my computer by ten every night is a start. Still too soon, I wager, to insist on doing yoga breathing exercises before bed too, or bed by eleven; one step at a time tends to work better, I find. I will learn to take things slowly.

Certainly I’m learning to let go of spending all my after-office hours online. It’s hard not to get sucked in by one social media outlet after another. Then the hours slip by, disappear. The time that I did have, say between seven and ten, I could have cooked dinner from scratch, performed a few house chores, and more. I could have started writing and reading earlier.

It’s never too late to start.

Now, what’s a good book to read in bed?