Afternoon Coffee

by Kenny Mah

We’ve had a bad day.

Things kept going wrong. Nothing we could do about it but sometimes that’s how it is. People are rude to you, even if they are in the business of customer service. Other motorists drive badly, are impatient, park indiscriminately. Things go wrong.

Then we drop by our favourite café, our sanctuary. We hear the girls greeting us before we even enter. Warm smiles, real smiles. Other regulars arrive. Folks switch seats and table to allow everyone to sit comfortably. There are conversations and there are gentle laughter. The smell of coffee, fragrant and fresh, invigorates us and helps us forget the bad day.

An afternoon for fresh coffee and sweet potato cheesecake. An afternoon to relax and linger in a space where your face and name is remembered gladly. An afternoon to start the weekend again, to smile and be happy.