“There you go again.” Ronald Reagan was known for deploying this phrase to disarm his opponents – perhaps most famously (and effectively) during the 1980 presidential election debate against then incumbent President Jimmy Carter. I remember this during my morning meditation practice, for no discernible reason. But one doesn’t need a reason for thoughts to arise. It happens. All the time. It’s normal. It’s okay. And as I was about to acknowledge it and diffuse it with a “Thinking”, a sort of nod to the…Continue Reading ““There you go” and “Here I am””

Stories are for transfixing us. To delight. To make us laugh. To make us cry. To make us rage against injustices. To teach us not to hurt others. To help us forgive when we are hurt by others. Stories instruct and allow us to escape. Give us hope to dream of something more. Let us imagine a path – many paths – to reach that something more. Stories are, they ought to be, about something more. For they remind us that we, too, are something…Continue Reading “Stories”

We often feel our lives lack … something. More money, a sexier body, a bigger house. And maybe not just the superficial stuff. We also want more of the intangible: More talent. More kindness. More wisdom. Wouldn’t be it be crazy wild if we already have everything we need? That the truth is, what we have now, what we are now, is enough?

One of my friends enjoy his regular acupuncture sessions. Another go for Thai massages. Yet another runs marathons. Yoga. Meditation. Weight training. Watercolour painting. We all have our ways to decompress and let go of the week that was — all the stress and pain and damaged feelings. They all work, in their own ways. To each their personal method and relief. What matters is to make space for that relief and for play.

I had a new pair of spectacles made the other day. Suddenly everything was clearer and brighter. It made me wonder why we often need a change before we see the world with new eyes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do that anyway, every single day, with a fresh view of all that surrounds us? How we would marvel at the miracles – small and large, dramatic and under-appreciated – that are our blessings each and every moment of our lives.

Sometimes Joy is curling up on the sofa with the one you love most in the world and watching a really cheesy romantic comedy, laughing into each other’s neck during the especially horrible yet oh-so-hilarious bits.