Finish stuff. That might be the best advice my grandfather ever gave me. He saw me as I was, as I am still: someone who is spinning in a dozen directions at once, endlessly distracted by different pursuits and passions. He had fewer interests but those he had, he delved deep into them. Work and study were meditative for him. The goal was to complete something, then start another. We are not our forefathers. But it’s nice to see ourselves growing into parts of them,…Continue Reading “Finish stuff”

What makes you smile? (Hold on that thought.) If you’re the type who smiles every day, and frequently, then good on you. If you’re not, then maybe you’ll appreciate it also when someone makes you smile. Better yet: What if we make someone else smile? (How, you ask? See your answer to the first question above. It ought to work for others too.)

The waves wash over the shore. Rushing forward and rolling back. The sound is crash and whoosh. The rhythm hypnotic. Would that we all live by the sea, would that our spirits soar with its song.

The taste of the sea salt in the warm water. The acidity of lemon juice, freshly squeezed. My morning cuppa, more bracing and healing than any nectar. What a way – my best way, perhaps – to greet another brand new day, so full of promise and possibilities.

There is so much anger in this world, there really is. Cruelty and violence. Road rage. Wars. Abuse, towards self and others. We lash out. What if we were kinder to ourselves? What if we forgave ourselves for whatever failings we believe we suffer from? Wouldn’t we be nicer to others, more understanding, more forgiving too? There could be so much love in this world, there really could.

We can find something to celebrate each and every day. The glorious sun warming our faces, the mewling of kittens, the smiles of strangers – there’s always something to be grateful for.