Be gentle, not harsh

Things go wrong. Big or small, often our instinct is to bemoan the situation, blame someone, berate ourselves or all of the above.

Guess what? These behaviours don’t really help. The problem remains, waiting for us to calm down and solve it. And you can solve it. But first, we can get a hold of ourselves and choose our responses more wisely.

Be gentle, not harsh.

Treat the problem gently: It’s not the end of the world, merely an opportunity to learn something useful.

Treat those around us gently: Whether they have caused the problem or not, rarely is anyone malicious. They probably feel awful about it too; it doesn’t help for us to make them feel worse.

Above all, treat ourselves gently: We need our wits and our creativity not only to resolve but to make things better. Be gentle, not harsh. We’d be surprised at how swiftly things can go right.

Let us surprise ourselves.

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