We, all of us, have dreams. What of them, though?

We repeat

We get in a habit of repeating ourselves. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, there is a time and place for something new. Without innovation or evolution, the world would be a poorer and less diverse for it. But the world around us repeats … Continue readingWe repeat


Just because someone makes a lot of noise doesn’t mean they’re right or deserving. Watch out for those for don’t scream and shout, but simply do and get things done.

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Play again

As I get older, I can’t help but get wistful about my younger days when I would doodle and draw comic strips featuring my favourite superhero characters. Or better yet, ones I created myself with less-than-original names and superpowers. (“Flame” for a firestarter was not … Continue readingPlay again

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The answer is . . .

The answer is kindness. How do you react when someone cuts you off on the road, rudely, dangerously? How do you comfort someone who’s just lost their loved one? What do you say when a friend casually tells you about the time she was date-raped … Continue readingThe answer is . . .

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It doesn’t exist

It doesn’t exist. That nightmare. That fear of something, of everything, going wrong. Standing naked before a stadium of people. Your business failing and then your life is over. Getting fired and then your life is over. Losing your lover, your spouse, and then your … Continue readingIt doesn’t exist

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