Every day in Etosha is an adventure, a wild experience. Only the day before, in the Namibian national park, we have seen a herd of elephants and a black rhinoceros. We have seen kudus and dik-diks, hyenas and warthogs, zebras and giraffes. Even a leopard and a cheetah with her cub. Today we hope to spot the King of Beasts. Today we are looking for lions. The trick is to get up at dawn or before, while the temperatures are still low and the air…Continue Reading “Looking for lions”

Mention Asakusa and most visitors to Tokyo will rhapsodise about the gates and giant lanterns of Senso-ji Temple, emblematic of the capital city for them. Yet few know Asakusa has other facets beyond this: from its cuisine – Asakusa is renowned for its unagi (eel) and shoyu ramen – to its more contemporary aspects such as world-record-breaking towers and third wave coffee bars. A day in Asakusa is a walk down Tokyo’s memory lane but also a peek into its ambitious surge towards the future….Continue Reading “A day of eating in Asakusa”

Imagine a wonderland of blossoms falling down from above your head. Petals in surreal shades of pink, purple and white. What’s more, this paradise that some say is the most beautiful garden in Japan (others say in the entire world) only blooms for a fortnight every year. Welcome to Kawachi Fuji-en or the Kawachi Wisteria Garden. Located in the wooded hills south of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka, Japan, this private garden is a must-do pilgrimage for flower lovers everywhere. To experience the full resplendence of this…Continue Reading “Wisteria wonderland”

What is the price of salt? Many would hardly spare a second’s thought to this question since the mineral has been so ubiquitous in kitchens and on dining tables for centuries. Yet it’s an interesting question nonetheless for salt does not simply fall from the heavens. Not in Maras, at any rate. In this ancient Peruvian town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas (though at times it feels more like a ghost town, as one has to travel across miles of dusty plains to…Continue Reading “‘Snow’ in the Sacred Valley”

Anything could happen. You learn early, if you are fortunate, this simple truth. You prepare yourself for life by realizing there is no possible preparation; you learn to accept uncertainty. Try telling this to a 23-year-old attempting to backpack alone all over Europe with very little money and no itinerary though. Yes, today this simple fool is me. Truth be told, I was convinced that there was a Masterplan for me, that Life had anointed me for greater things. Yes, absolutely so. That was until…Continue Reading “The Masterplan”