Once in a Lifetime

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It starts with three words. The ones we all know. Books and history, television and movies, it’s written in celluloid and on paper, if not the stars.

“I love you.”

And while some journeys are briefer than others, the fortunate few go the distance. Through good times and bad, the path to the wedding aisle is not an easy one. Finding the right person is no easy task, making it work, making it last, even less so.

I won’t be telling you a story this time, dear readers. Every love has its treasures and its triumphs. What I will share, however, is simply the admiration and joy I hold for those who do make it. Those who make these three little words, so often uttered carelessly and perhaps all too frequently, mean something. Indeed, mean something very special indeed.



It’s what every girl dreams of. The day she will get the wedding of her fantasies, the perfect wedding. The white cloth, both veil and gossamer; the lavender in satin and in soft petals; the lush green of nature’s blessing — a garden wedding this, simple and pure and full of the promise of all the tomorrows to come.

Butterflies flutter around, live ones in the courtyard and sparkly-glittery ones on the wrists of the maidens. Flowers in abundance, tastefully coordinated to match the colour scheme, as are the party guests. The smiles on everyone’s face.

They all wait in anticipation. Here comes the bride. Step lightly down the aisle like the angel you are. The man you love standing by your side, your hands in his, and the pastor speaks.

The question that comes once in a lifetime is asked. And you both answer, the only two words necessary:

“I do.”




To spend the rest of my life with, through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold… No other. There has never been any other, not really. Simply, only…


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