“How can you go on living when death is always an option?” he cried out, almost in tears. She looked at him grimly for a while, then burst into laughter. “Oh, if you can only hear half of the things you’re saying. You idiot. Death is not an option; only life is.”

It has been raining a lot the past few days. I haven’t been coming out and who can blame me? It’s all cold and wet and cold and wet. But mostly cold. I slip the last key that is not mine off the chain and place it on Blue Mike’s almost bare table. Thursday night was a small party, suitably so, I think. I did not drink much. I did not drink the abominable arak, though not through the fault of the well-meaning thugs I…Continue Reading “The ninth floor”

“The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.” Ernest Hemingway We resolve, despite the horror and the sorrow, to go on living life as normal. Make every ordinary thing a delight to behold, a new wonder. We resolve to live because we cannot afford not to, because Life is, and has always been, a gift, though we don’t always see it that way. This is our resolve and it is strong and it will not break. We will not break.