The Joy of Japan

by Kenny Mah

Japan never ceases to surprise me. Every time I return, there is the familiar and there is the brand new. History, culture, food, everything you can ask for—Japan has it all!



Barrels of sake (nihonshu), Meiji Shrine

From giant lanterns in Asakusa to giant spi­ders at Rop­pongi Hills; from the march­ing hordes cross­ing Shibuya to the lines of manga fanat­ics at Akihabara; from hunky Aber­crom­bie & Fitch models in Ginza to the best sushi in the world—Tokyo rocks!

Prologue • Bye Bye Sakura | 東京
Part 1 • All You Can Eat Ameyoko | アメ横
Part 2 • Uniquely Ueno | 上野
Part 3 • Okachimachi: The Best Sushi in Tokyo | 御徒町
Part 4 • Tsukiji: The Biggest Fish Market in the World | 築地市場
Part 5 • The Giant Lanterns of Asakusa, or The Girl Called Spring | 浅草
Part 6 • Yanaka Cemetery: A Picnic with the Departed | 谷中霊園
Part 7 • Leonardo DiCaprio & the Gangs of Ginza | 銀座
Part 8 • A Match Made in Meiji (Shrine) | 明治神宮
Part 9 • Harajuku Girls in Love | 原宿
Part 10 • Heavenly Hakone | 箱根
Part 11 • Where Did Mt. Fuji Go? | 富士山
Part 12 • Beautiful Boy Ramen, or The Great Shibuya Crossing | 渋谷区
Part 13 • Ghibli Museum: Spirited Away by Princess Mononoke | 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館
Part 14 • How We Got Beaten Up by Bruce Lee at Roppongi Hills | 六本木ヒルズ
Part 15 • Shinjuku Gyoen: Cherry Blossom Wonderland | 新宿御苑
Epilogue • The Last Meal in Tokyo | 東京



Lavender farm, Furano

Lavender farms in Furano; cycling in Biei; ice-cream in Otaru; ramen in Kyoto (and Sapporo and Tokyo); cherry blossom hunting during the hanami season—there’s no end to the beautiful Japanese experience.



Omotesando Koffee

The coffee scene in Japan is electrifying: How about a pop-up coffee bar inside a traditional Japanese house? Or an artisanal café that only serves black coffee brewed using a flannel from aged beans? Or some of the best latte art in the world? Take a sip, and enjoy.



Taishú Yakiniku Japanese BBQ

Yokohama native Seiji Fujimoto brings Japanese street food to the Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood of Taman Desa. Delicious favourites such as Sanuki udon, yakitori and open-air Japanese BBQ have made him the new lord of izakayas in town.

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