Life for Beginners Stories by Kenny Mah

Quiet heart

by Kenny Mah

It’s nine at night, an hour before I go to bed. I put my iPhone in airplane mode (such a luxury these days when we are connected 24/7 it seems) and switch off the lights.

My candle’s flame dance in the darkness. Its fragrance is subtle and calming.

I close my eyes as the bell chime once. I breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly. I observe my breath. I get distracted by thoughts of the day, of tomorrow, of tasks not yet done, a hundred trivial things.

I return to my breath. I breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly. I get distracted again, of course. It’s only natural. No matter.

I return, again and again, to my breath. It’s easy and it feels right. My heart quietens.

In no time at all (only 20 minutes really) the bells chime three times signalling the end of my meditation session tonight. I give thanks for my health and my spirit and my loved ones and my blessings.

I open my eyes and see, in the candlelit mirror, that there’s already a smile on my face.

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