We get in a habit of repeating ourselves. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, there is a time and place for something new. Without innovation or evolution, the world would be a poorer and less diverse for it. But the world around us repeats just as we do: the sun rises every morning and sets at dusk; the seasons come and go (as do some people in our lives, both beloved and those less so); the weekends and the holidays do arrive, even when…Continue Reading “We repeat”

As I get older, I can’t help but get wistful about my younger days when I would doodle and draw comic strips featuring my favourite superhero characters. Or better yet, ones I created myself with less-than-original names and superpowers. (“Flame” for a firestarter was not particularly inspired, I have to admit.) I miss the sense of play. Then it hit me: What’s to stop me from doodling now? Mapping out the adventures of Flame and Frost (no, really — they’re a duo), the way I…Continue Reading “Play again”

There you go, dancing so free, the tips of your toes barely touching the ground, the smile on your lips growing wider and wider. Without a care in the world, without worry or sorrow or regret or grief. This must be a dream, you say. Why should it? Simply put one foot in front of the other and . . . dance.

The answer is kindness. How do you react when someone cuts you off on the road, rudely, dangerously? How do you comfort someone who’s just lost their loved one? What do you say when a friend casually tells you about the time she was date-raped years and years ago? What do you do when you feel so tired you can barely go on? How do you combat all the evil in the world today, all the atrocities? The answer is kindness.

It doesn’t exist. That nightmare. That fear of something, of everything, going wrong. Standing naked before a stadium of people. Your business failing and then your life is over. Getting fired and then your life is over. Losing your lover, your spouse, and then your life is over. These are only thoughts in our mind. Most terrible things don’t happen. And if they do, then we face them then, and only then. Let us not suffer needlessly every waking moment till that bad thing that…Continue Reading “It doesn’t exist”

I was in the supermarket buying some bananas after a workout at the gym. By the time I left, I realised I was humming, quietly whispering the chorus of one of the festive songs that was being played in the produce section. Now usually I’m not one for seasonal cheer but I guess my subconscious has other ideas. Perhaps a better idea. There is so much bad in this world, we really don’t need any reason to celebrate the good. Let’s sing and let our…Continue Reading “Humming”