Life for Beginners Stories by Kenny Mah

For Me

by Kenny Mah

Part of the deal with completing the house move successfully is that I’d take some time out. Some time for me, completely me. Earlier in the year, a very good friend had given me a lovely birthday gift — a gift box of twelve wonderful packages from which I could select one. Would it be a spa treatment at a hotel, with ginger tea and a floral foot bath before a languid massage? Would I choose to be adventurous and take to the skies — I could be a pilot for a day?

So many choices. But I followed my heart, or rather, my belly. A gourmet cooking class by a real chef. Something my partner and my friends may well thank me for if I pass with flying colours and am able to actually dish up a nice meal by the end of the class.

It’s nice doing something for yourself. But even nicer if your able to share it with others afterwards.

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