New Eyes

by Kenny Mah

She runs into the apartment and tells everyone she is late and her smile is so bright we can help but smile as well. I have never met her before but she introduces herself the way someone who knows you’d be best friends would. You feel like you’re six years old again, at the playground, self-absorbed and not caring if anyone would judge you cos you are not aware that they could. A new friend. Wow.

“Ooh… there’s nothing quite like gourmet popcorn, is there?” she exclaims as she continues to munch. I thought they had turned stale but as you drop them into your mouth, I see I must have been mistaken. These are the seeds of angels, drops of nectar from sirens and satyrs. However could I have seen them as anything other?

New friends can do that — show us what we’ve been missing out on before our very eyes.