The Pair of Benches

by Kenny Mah

The pair of benches rest side by side in front of the café counter. Behind the counter, the siphonists are making coffee; there are many orders but they take their time, making sure their full attention is given to each cup of coffee crafted. This is love.

These benches are made from reclaimed wooden signboards, rescued from an old Chinese medicinal shop that was closed down some years ago. This happens, of course. Businesses come and go. Not all survive. But these businesses, at one point, when they were first started, must have been a labour of love.

The rescue was a labour of love, a piece of history preserved. Quite a lot of wood in the café, all reclaimed and recycled. This pair of benches are lovers reunited, watching over each other, providing rest for the patrons who come and go. Not all patrons return. But many do, for they enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere and the quiet craft of the siphonists. They return for the labour of love.

This pair of benches have been given more time. They stand together, they witness. Life, the café, the coffee, the love.